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Climate Fix's Mission is to fix climate change/global warming!


The human race is facing an existential crisis that is the greatest threat to life on Earth, Climate Change.

Even if all nations meet net zero CO2 emission, Climate Change/Global Warming will not be fixed because since 1750, Industrial Revolution-Civilization has emitted over 2 trillion tons of CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere. This massive amount of CO2 is the main cause of climate change/global warming.

The current CO2 level in the Earth's atmosphere is high, 426ppm and increasing 2ppm/year(50 billion tons) and so just do the math of CO2 level by 2038, it will be at dangerous, harmful level of 450ppm which means Extinction. Earth's climate will be very hot & inhabitable. Normal, safe CO2 level before industrial civilization is less than 300ppm.

Climate Change-Global Warming can be fixed if at least 1 trillion ton of CO2 is removed from Earth's atmosphere within the next 10 years starting from 2024. CO2 can be removed from Earth's atmosphere using carbon removal technology such as direct air capture (DAC) from company like Climeworks.

So if 200 billion ton of CO2 is removed per year for the next 10 years, 2 trillion ton of CO2 is removed from the Earth's atmosphere. Climate Change-Global Warming is fixed! We will get back our Garden of Paradise, the Holocene & the normal weather.


Partner, appeal & lobby the United Nations to put Climate Fix's Agenda at COP29.

Mobilize & lobby nations & their governments (United States, European Union, China/Asia) to donate a few trillion USD annually to the Climate Fix Fund which can be managed by the United Nations.

Climate Fix Fund's Expenditure: 1 trillion USD/year for CO2 removal DAC contracts at $10/ton or less.


The goal is to remove 200 billion ton of CO2 per year for the next 10 years. So that will be 2.0 trillion ton of CO2 removed & when that is accomplished, CO2 level in the Earth's atmosphere will be reduced to a safe level of 300ppm or less: global warming is fixed!

We only have 10, most 20 years to fix global warming.

It is either fix climate change by 2038 or extinction!

Climate Fix is a non-profit organization and it was founded by James Nguyen - Climate Activist, Filmmaker

Climate Fix - The Solution to Fix Climate Change/Global Warming -  Documentary Film,

Watch film free at


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