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PRESS RELEASE:  Julie and Jack - Their Love is Forever!

Hollywood, CA - September 26, 2016 (PRNewswire)  Moviehead Releasing has released Director James Nguyen's first movie,
Julie and Jack which is a romantic thriller about love and spirituality.  The cast of Julie and Jack are Jenn Gotzon and Justin Kunkle
and there is a Cameo by Ms. Tippi Hedren (Hitchcock's The Birds).  Additional cast include Damien Carter, Patsy van Ettinger &
Rick Camp from James Nguyen's cult senation hit movie, Birdemic - Shock and Terror.  The Julie and Jack score was composed by
Tim Gorman who was a band member with The Who, Jefferson Starship & The Rolling Stones.

"I am very excited to release my first film, Julie and Jack which was produced in 2001; it's not just great romantic thriller, but a unique
love story and a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Also, I believe that Julie and Jack was 16 years ahead of its time because the futuristic
technology visioned in this movie did not existed in 2001.  No spoiler here! Can there be love without sex? How far will you go to find true love?"
said Director James Nguyen.

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