Director James Nguyen is a Moviehead! Also known as Master of Romantic ThrillersTM 
                                                     Among the new generation of auteurs in the 21st Century, Nguyen has extensive experience
                                                     in the movie business.  In 1998, he founded, an online movie theater.
                                                     In 2001, he produced and directed Julie and Jack - a romantic thriller about love and spirituality. 
                                                     A modern day Romeo and Juliet.  Julie and Jack stars Ms. Tippi Hedren (Hitchcock's The Birds ).  
                                                     In 2004, he completed a second film: REPLICA - a romantic thriller.  In 2008, James completed
                                                     directing the cult sensation hit, BIRDEMIC - Shock and Terror, a romantic thriller about a platoon
                                                     of eagles & vultures attacking the residents of a small town. 
                                                     In 2012, James completed directing the sequel, BIRDEMIC II - The Resurrection 
                                                     And in development, BIRDEMIC 3 - Sea Eagle
                                                     In 2017, James released his documentary short film, The Man With The Wooden Face
                                                     Also, James is the Founder of The Man With The Wooden Face Foundation
                                                     Click on this link to view the video of CBS News' Profile of Director James Nguyen  &
                                                     VICE's Documentary




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